If Santa brought me a gift…

me wacom

Went in to Yodobaschi the other day and ran into the Wacom display.  Here was the Cintiq in all its glory.  I think the sign said 325,000 Yen…all I know is that’s a lot of money.  Maybe someday when I win the Lotto.

The newest addition….

imageThis is my latest project…plucked from eBay, tuned up at Shutterworks here in Fort Worth, and brought home to the creative conclave that is my home. I need to learn the proper way to use it…it’s been decades since I’ve shot film. But then…GAME ON!

The Cactus 1974 – UT Austin

The other night at Half Priced Books I hit pay dirt. Leather bound yearbooks from schools here in Texas. This included The University of Texas at Austin yearbook “The Cactus”…the year was 1974. Hippies and picnics with dogs, photos of the football team, the band, and various students. The hair dos (and don’ts), the clothes, the kids…a little slice of what life was like back then…